Imagine what the world would look like if God-inspired creativity were released through people in every area of society. I think that type of creativity released on such a mass scale would be the catalyst for worldwide revival!


Romans 1:19–20 tells us that creation itself testifies to the existence of God and draws people into a relationship with Him. God-inspired creativity is designed to woo people back to an encounter with their Creator.

Think of all the social issues of our day that are crying out for wisdom, solutions, answers. What issues need answers in your business, your school, and your government? God wants you to co-create with Him as a son or daughter, courageously bringing wisdom to solve economic, cultural, educational, business and governmental problems. God-inspired creations and solutions relieve the pain, suffering, division and despair affecting people trapped by these problems.

We are to be the catalysts of the explosion of inspiration, innovation and creativity, releasing the presence of God. I believe this creative earthquake will open opportunities for evangelism, bringing even more hungry, hurting people back into God's family. In the area of the arts alone, one God-breathed movie or album could introduce millions of orphans to their Dad!

When Jesus died on the cross, He did not simply purchase freedom from sin. Does this sound surprising? Although it is a very important message, there is more. Jesus also died to set us free to live in the fullness of the Divine design. When God made humans, He made men and women in the image and likeness of Himself, the Creator Father. He intended for us to act as stewards of the earth and of the mysteries of creation. It is time to manifest His design and fulfill His plan, that the whole earth would be filled with the knowledge of God.

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