Founder and president of Age to Come, a non-profit organization, Faith Blatchford is an ordained minister. She is a graduate of Vassar College and holds a B.A. in Religion. Faith travels in the U.S. and abroad speaking in churches, schools, and conferences.  She is an author, as well as a producer of instrumental soaking CDs. Her goal is to be a catalyst for radical life-changing encounters with the Presence of God whether through preaching, teaching, prophesying, counseling and coaching or impartation.

Faith Blatchford

Danny Silk

Faith Blatchford is a personal friend of mine. She is among the most encouraging friends I have. She can hardly keep from being encouraging, edifying, and comforting to everyone she meets. She is like a lightning rod of Heaven. There are times when I think she may burst into Holy Fire because of the anointing she carries and distributes everywhere she goes. If you want to strengthen the courage in your people or you want them to be free and healed, then I highly recommend you invite Faith to minister in your place of worship, business or fellowship.

Danny Silk
President, Loving on Purpose
Author: Keep Your Love On, Powerful and Free


Joaquin and Renee Evans

If you have ever spent anytime around Faith Blatchford, you know she is a walking God Encounter. She reveals profound keys in a simple manner that will unlock deeper realms of God in your life.  Her words left me wanting more of Him.

Joaquin Evans
President, Presence Pursuit Ministries


Tim Eldridge

Faith Blatchford is an amazing person who carries the presence of God with humility, integrity and faithfulness. Her style of teaching is relevant and applicable to a wide range of people. Faith offers hope, creativity and revelation as she shares. We have had Faith speak a few times in our church, and we always look forward to her returning to us.

Tim Eldridge
Leader, Presence Church, Harrogate UK
Global Legacy Leader UK/Europe
Director, European Leaders Advance


Dawna DeSilva

Faith Blatchford’s passion demonstrated in her teaching, preaching and instrumental soaking CDs is to bring people into contact with the power and presence of God.

Dawna DeSilva
Founder, Bethel Sozo, Bethel Church
Redding, CA


Stephen DeSilva

I count it an honor to name Faith Blatchford as a friend. As an author and teacher her approach is direct and her message profound. I find her to demonstrate power wrapped in a disarming cover—but don’t be deceived. Faith Blatchford drives to the very heart of the Father.

Stephen K. DeSilva, CPA
CFO, Bethel Church
Redding, CA
Author: Money and the Prosperous Soul,
Tipping the Scales of Favor and Blessing


Sheri Silk

Faith Blatchford brings life! She is a joy carrier and a hope bringer. Not only is she a gifted teacher but she truly has an anointing as an overcomer. She speaks and you feel strengthened. Every chance you get, you should go after more of what Faith has to offer.

Sheri Silk
Jesus Culture Director of Events
Sacramento, CA


Gwen Gibson

Faith Blatchford is a gifted minister and teacher. She has a remarkable ability to weave wisdom and humor into the impartation of life from the Spirit. We've been blessed to have Faith as a conference speaker come to teach, encourage, and impart to our ministry teams as well as our conference participants. Doing kingdom life with Faith is outrageously wonderful - why do life any other way?!

Gwen Gibson
Pastoral Staff, Harvest Rock Church
Pasadena, CA


Alvin Chun

Faith Blatchford is a great source of blessing to the Church through her keen prophetic gifting, sound Biblical teaching, and wisdom-laden counseling - but what marks her most profoundly is her LOVE! Her great love for God and all people is the basis of what exudes out of her!

Alvin Chun
Senior Leader, New Song Church
Vienna, VA


Pete Carter

I have known Faith Blatchford for just over 8 years and she has had a truly remarkable impact on my life and others close to me. She is a lady of great faith, compassion, generosity and spiritual insight. She prophesies with accuracy in a most helpful fashion and enables others to grow in their spiritual gifts. She also moves in the power of the Holy Spirit in a remarkable way. I have had a "Faith encounter" many times and each time I have been blessed, strengthened and encouraged.

Dr Pete Carter
Director, Eastgate Church, Kent, United Kingdom
Author: Unwrapping Lazarus


Madeleine Tan

Faith is a manifestation of time spent soaking in His presence. She oozes the very presence wherever she goes.

Madeleine Tan
Regional Director, Bethel Sozo International


John and Janet Kristensen

Faith is a freedom fighter. She has abandoned the confines of the mundane and discovered the vast expanse of life in the Holy Spirit. She models the soul satisfying joy of that place of ultimate freedom. Faith carries the liberating Spirit with her, effortlessly drawing people into a revolutionary encounter with Father God. Her ministry leaves you with awe for the freedom that Jesus has won for us at the cross.

John & Janet Kristensen
Pastors, Elim City Church
Peterborough, ON, Canada