Faith Blatchford

Faith Blatchford is passionate about the Presence of God.  Whether through her teaching, preaching, prophesying, counseling, coaching or just living life, her desire is for people to encounter the Presence of God as powerfully as Moses, who saw Him face to face.  Her goal is not simply for a person to have an encounter, but to establish a deep connection with their Heavenly Father.  She brings the hope and faith necessary to break free of wounds, fears, and lies that can hinder that intimate relationship with Father God.


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It is from an intimate relationship with Father God that a person discovers their destiny and the necessary creative gifts and talents, deposited in them by their Father in order to fulfill their calling.  The world is waiting for men and women who are confident of their identity, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to bring Heaven to earth in every area of society, for the glory of God.  Faith's books, teachings, and instrumental music help stir hunger for face to face encounters with the Presence of God.