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Faith Blatchford brings life! She is a joy carrier and a hope bringer. Not only is she a gifted teacher but she truly has an anointing as an overcomer. She speaks and you feel strengthened. Every chance you get, you should go after more of what Faith has to offer.

Sheri Silk
Jesus Culture Director of Events
Sacramento, CA

Faith Blatchford is an amazing person who carries the presence of God with humility, integrity and faithfulness. Her style of teaching is relevant and applicable to a wide range of people. Faith offers hope, creativity and revelation as she shares. We have had Faith speak a few times in our church, and we always look forward to her returning to us.

Tim Eldridge
Leader, Presence Church, Harrogate UK
Global Legacy Leader UK/Europe
Director, European Leaders Advance

Faith Blatchford is a gifted minister and teacher. She has a remarkable ability to weave wisdom and humor into the impartation of life from the Spirit. We've been blessed to have Faith as a conference speaker come to teach, encourage, and impart to our ministry teams as well as our conference participants. Doing kingdom life with Faith is outrageously wonderful - why do life any other way?!

Gwen Gibson
Pastoral Staff, Harvest Rock Church
Pasadena, CA

Faith has ministered at many events and organizations around the world, including the following:

Bethel Church Redding
Eric Metaxas
JHOP New York
Vineyard Speyer Germany
H Rock Church Pasadena
Marilyn and Sarah
Bethel Church Atlanta
Christian Television Network
True Beauty conference
New Song Church Vienna
faith radio.png
Eastgate Church Kent

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