Good Night & Sweet Dreams:
Prayers and Promises for Peaceful Sleep

Good Night and Sweet Dreams by Faith Blatchford

Good Night & Sweet Dreams: Prayers and Promises for Peaceful Sleep will help you experience God’s promises for your sleep. It is designed to accompany the album Good Night & Sweet Dreams: Prayers and Music for Sleep, produced by Faith Blatchford. This book contains the prayers and promises heard on each track, enabling you to read the prayers while relaxing to the music. It is also a useful resource for bedtime prayers with children, ensuring a peaceful night for them and for you. Deeper sleep and sweeter dreams await!

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Winning the Battle for the Night

In our fast-paced world, we see sleep as "wasted time," or else we lie awake as anxiety, fear, or distractions run through our minds. That was never God's intent for the night. Without realizing it, we've handed this sacred time over to the enemy.

With warmth, compassion, and keen biblical insight, Faith Blatchford reveals that it's during this precious time that God imparts everything necessary for us to be equipped for the day. Without peaceful sleep at night, we are robbed mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually of the resources we need.

God created the night and the dark--and he called it good. He dwells in it. The dark does not belong to the devil, so don't let the enemy steal it from you. Here are the tools you need to take back your night, to encounter the God of rest, and to sleep peacefully the whole night through.

Includes a chapter on how to help your children overcome nightmares and fear of the dark.

Published by Chosen Books.


"Wonderfully practical, brilliantly insightful and sure to inspire you to reconnect with God's purpose for sleep: communion and rest."--Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church, Redding, California

"Winning the Battle for the Night will bring a fresh confidence in God's design for sleep and dreams and challenge you to contend for more!" --Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture

"A powerful guide for anyone who has struggled with sleep problems."--Margaret Nagib, Psy.D., clinical psychologist, Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center; founder, The Dunamis Project

"Faith does an excellent job of explaining how sleep can become our friend to help us grow spiritually. You will find this book a great help as you yourself learn the importance of dreams and sleep not for just yourself but for your whole family." --Beni Johnson, author, Healthy and Free and The Happy Intercessor

"It will empower you to value and experience good sleep, thus improving health, performance, wisdom and God-given creativity."--Dr. Michelle A. Miller, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick

Hope for the Nation

Hope for the Nation by Faith Blatchford

There is hope for your nation! Our hope is built on the enduring purposes of God, as stated in the Bible.

In this short and powerful e-book, Faith compiles 40 biblical promises, reworded as declarations that will boost your hope levels and inspire you to pray over your nation from Heaven’s perspective.

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Prep 7

Purchase e-book $10

Did you know that God is excited about your future?

Your Heavenly Father is filled with confident hope and expectation regarding His plans for you! No matter how enjoyable or challenging your life is today, He wants to help you re-focus and discover more of the great purpose He had in mind when He made you.

Through Prep 7, Faith Blatchford empowers you to kick-start your future through engaging activities and heartfelt conversations with God. This workbook will help you:

  • Get a fresh understanding of God's heart and His plans for you

  • Celebrate the joys and victories of previous life seasons

  • Get free of burdens that could hold you back from success

  • Create vision and practical steps towards a fulfilling future

With God, nothing is impossible. You are invited to discover the abundant life that lies on the other side of an encounter with Him!

Please note, This document is intended for personal use only. Distributing copies is prohibited. Please contact Faith for information on group discounts.

Creativity Sozo

Many thanks to our friends at Essence Publishing for this inspiring trailer!

Do you think you have more capacity for creativity than you are currently experiencing? If so, you are not alone. One in four people believe they are not functioning to their full creative potential. This manual walks you through a five-step process that will help unleash your creative potential. There are exercises to assist you in establishing a plan to move forward with your new creative freedom. Through the process you will be invited into a collaborative partnership with the greatest Creator of all time!

The world is in desperate need of the wisdom, beauty and inspiration from Heaven to be displayed on earth through you. There is no economic, gender or age limit on creativity. Start the journey now to unleash your unique expression of God on earth!

Hearing 101

Spiritual deafness is a modern Christian malady that is correctible and unnecessary. We can--in fact must--live with an ongoing dialog between ourselves and our Maker. To do otherwise leaves a life hollow. Such is the inheritance for the enemies of heaven and not the Children of God.

This book is written in such honesty, the reader finds him or her self immersed in the practicum of truth. Faith Blatchford shares her wisdom in short easily read chapters. Her writing style is authentic, her goal clear and understandable. Like most great writers, she has simplified a mystery and made it easy for the reader to activate. But most important, Faith has written a book that you can immediately put to work with hearing God's voice.

If you are not hearing His voice, this book is for you!

Stephen K. DeSilva, CPA
CFO, Bethel Church
Redding, CA
Author of Money and the Prosperous Soul,
Tipping the Scales of Favor and Blessing

Soaking 101

Faith Blatchford's book, Soaking 101, part of the Encountering God Series,  is a perfect complement to her soaking music.

Whether you are a seasoned soaker or new to the experience, this book will encourage you to "get soaked".

Dawna DeSilva
Founder, Bethel Sozo, Bethel Church
Redding, CA

Faith has written an encouraging and enlightening book. I recommend it to all Christians who desire a closer relationship with God through spending time soaking in His presence. It comes with practical and creative applications on how to get the most out of your personal time with God. This book will help you learn to experience the fullness of joy in His presence.

Chris Gore
Director, Healing Rooms, Bethel Church
Redding, CA