Good News for Creativity!

Wow, wow, wow! It has been such a joy to read so many positive reviews of Creativity Sozo on Amazon.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to drop by and give feedback.

I believe in the years to come we will hear many stories of people who read this book, and went on to create the very things God had put in their heart to do. Have you read Creativity Sozo? If so, I would love to hear about your experience. What did God unlock in you through this book?

One in four people believe they are not functioning in their full creative potential. Let's change this together! If you know someone who needs encouragement that they too are full of creativity, in the image of their creator - share this book with them! It might just be the answer they were looking for.

Comments on Creativity Sozo...

Love it, enjoyed it as Holy Spirit flowed stronger than ever in me. It’s relieving, loving, wonderful, amazing and peaceful. Excellent for those sozoing people. Cool x millions!
— Laura
Loved this- it is built on the Basic Sozo tools with a practical twist that made it very easy to personalize and practice. Worksheets and appendices at the back for those wanting to take it seriously. Great tool.
— Amazon Customer
I liked the information and the easy reading. I could pick it up and read it and put it down and not loose the information or the desire to keep reading.
— Eileen