Hope for the Nations

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There is hope for the nations! Our hope must be built on the truth.

In this message, Faith exposes lies that undermine hope and presents extraordinary statistics that prove things are not as bad as they may seem. The truth, according to Psalm 89:9, is that all nations will come and worship before Him.

Listen, and let hope arise.

Shifting Nightmares to Dreams

Would you like your sleep to become a time of receiving dreams, songs, and treasures from Father God? This message by Faith Blatchford will help open the door to rest from the secret place. Faith shares her personal paradigm shift in a humorous but life-changing way that will help the listener think differently about the night time and enter into sleep with a new expectation of encounters with God.

Unblocking Writer's Block

Faith Blatchford's  humorous and informative teaching will help you discover reasons why your manuscript has been locked in your heart - and show you how to release it. Whether you are a poet, screenplay writer, novelist, journalist, children's writer or composer, this message will give you the practical tools you need to keep the ink flowing from the inkwell of heaven, and onto the page.

Speak to the Storm

With dramatic testimonies of partnering with the Holy Spirit to shift atmospheres, Faith Blatchford unpacks the statement that nothing happens in the Kingdom without prophetic declaration. Through this teaching you will be challenged to speak to the storms in your life and the circumstances around you to bring change to the world.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Does Father God want to talk with you? Faith Blatchford lays down a foundation for His desire to to be in constant communion with you - and Biblically establishes the case. This teaching enables you to discover possible blocks in your hearing from God, and empowers you to deal with them.

Other Messages by Faith

Do something viewed by the world as outrageous. Be an Optimist! Learn from Nehemiah, one of the greatest optimists of the Bible, the core values needed to withstand pessimism and finish the great work to which you have been assigned. Outrageous Optimism – a new military move.

Faith’s humorous personal testimony will set you free from fear and deepen your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Be prepared to follow Faith on her journey from fear into the Father’s arms. The anointing released will send you into the freedom and joy of His Presence.

Faith Blatchford exposes some of the lies and fears women have believed that can keep them from being the empowered and influential people they were created to be.  Jesus was revolutionary in how He related to women, freeing them from the conventions of the day. The truth of this freedom releases hope and momentum to address issues that can still restrain women from their full potential. Come laugh your way to freedom in this humorous and empowering teaching.