Prep 7

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Prep 7 product square.jpg

Prep 7


Did you know that God is excited about your future?

Your Heavenly Father is filled with confident hope and expectation regarding His plans for you! No matter how enjoyable or challenging your life is today, He wants to help you re-focus and discover more of the great purpose He had in mind when He made you.

Through Prep 7, Faith Blatchford empowers you to kick-start your future through engaging activities and heartfelt conversations with God. This workbook will help you:

  • Get a fresh understanding of God's heart and His plans for you
  • Celebrate the joys and victories of previous life seasons
  • Get free of burdens that could hold you back from success
  • Create vision and practical steps towards a fulfilling future

With God, nothing is impossible. You are invited to discover the abundant life that lies on the other side of an encounter with Him!

Please note, This document is intended for personal use only. Distributing copies is prohibited. Please contact Faith for information on group discounts.

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