Now is the time to write!

Many years ago as a college student, Derek and Lydia Prince prophesied Ephesians 2:10 over me: “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God has before ordained that we should walk in them.” At the time I had no understanding of the prophetic ministry, but I had great value for Derek and Lydia so that scripture was imprinted on my spirit. It has been a life word, expanding in meaning through the years like a kaleidoscope. For me one of the many aspects of "good works" involved written works—books.


For many of you, writing a book is one of your "good works". I remember speaking about shifting the atmosphere through creativity at a conference. As I spoke I sensed there were many who had a book inside that needed to be released. At the end of the talk I asked anyone to stand who had received a prophetic word about writing or had a secret desire to write. I was shocked when almost everyone in the room stood up! I imagine I would have the same response today because God needs writers to publish the good news. Lana Vawser, a prophetic voice from Australia, recently released a word entitled: "It is Right to Write".

If you or someone you know feels it is right for you to write but you need help getting started, I am offering my experience and training as a published author and writing coach. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and a few tools to get the ink flowing. Here is a link for more information on a 4 week online Writing Workshop I will be teaching this summer. In order to have more one on-one interaction space is limited so don't wait to sign up :-)

May you experience His favor and provision in greater measure as you step into the good works the Father has ordained for you!