Discovering the Father

Recently I was preaching about discovering the love of our Heavenly Father. In order to enjoy our relationship with him, we need to forgive those who have misrepresented him. This may involve forgiving our earthly fathers: unforgiveness will only prevent us from understanding God's perfect love for us.

Discovering the Father

After speaking on this subject I received the following message.

...After tonight I am buzzing! What a blessing! My dad was like yours - amazingly so. Very opinionated, never saw the bright side, disapproving etc - so I was a disappointment to him being blind, and I felt it a lot as I was growing up. Over the years I have had a lot of prayer and God has healed my heart. Now I know the deep joy of having a wonderful Father God who is responsive and tender­hearted. But when you talked about God taking videos and keeping them, treasuring each special moment of your! Then you told us to think of Him as being the father we have always longed for. He is that perfect Father. I knew that in my head...but how wonderful is that! Thank you for bringing more of his love to my heart. Your gifts bless me so much. Thank you for being such a special sister.

Thank you to the lady who shared this with me! I believe what God did for her, he enjoys doing for each of his children. If you have been struggling to sense Father God's love for you, why not ask him to show you if you need to let go of the past so you can step into the future? There is no limit to his love for you, and he is handing you an open invitation!