I love Paris!

It seems trite to say "I love Paris"...but I do. All my senses are stirred being in France. I love the people, and the creativity that pours out from their DNA. Creativity is a gift and a calling on everyone, but I believe it is a distinct calling on this particular nation.

Musee D'Orsay

Think of all the phrases that include the word 'french': french wine, french dressing, french toast, french omelets, french press, french bread. While on a recent visit to France, I was told there are over 500 kinds of cheese on the market. Each year hundreds more are made, yet only a few will be tasty enough for the French palette to be added to the 500. Notice this list just includes food items that reveal the French fingerprint.

The resume of French cultural influence goes on and on with fashion, art, music, literature, philosophy, science, and education. Since creativity affects every area of society, teaching Unlocking Seminars in this nation is an inspiring experience for me! Here are some pictures from the Seminars.

Unlocking seminar

Have you visited Paris? If so, what were some of your favorite things?