Faith and Fear

Before I had ever met God, I loved the idea of the supernatural. Imagine a room shaking, when there is no earthquake; fire resting on people's heads, without burning them; a boy's packed lunch feeding five thousand people; walking on water. It sounded radical to me!

Something tells me we were all made to experience the supernatural. It is exciting, fun and ultimately, life changing. The supernatural works of God reveal a whole new realm of His love and power. At the same time, it can be scary, inconvenient, or even embarrassing. If we are not careful, we will allow our fear to outweigh our hunger to experience the power of God.

In John 14, Jesus said "He who has seen me has seen the Father." The works of God - healing, forgiveness, deliverance, provision, signs and wonders - all reveal His character. He is not angry, distant or close-fisted. He is joyful, loving, and unendingly extravagant! Every supernatural experience God gives us is designed to point us back towards His heart.

Have you been experiencing fear regarding the supernatural? Do you wonder if Father God will leave your needs unmet, or punish you if things do not work as you expected? It is time to lay these fears down at His feet and to ask Him to show you the truth. Your Father wants to reveal His goodness to you so that you can follow His Spirit, takes risks, and witness His supernatural power. Don't let fear hold you back!


If you are hungry to live a supernatural lifestyle, you may enjoy listening to my message 'Freedom From Fear', which can be found in the messages section of my website.