Expanding Perspectives

I love to ask people how God speaks to them. Over my years of knowing Him, He has surprised me many times by speaking to me in ways I did not expect.

When God first spoke to Moses, it was just an ordinary day tending sheep in the wilderness. It was not uncommon for brush plants to combust in the dry heat of the desert. It was only when Moses looked a little closer that he realized something very unusual was going on: the bush was burning, but it was not being consumed. Now that was extraordinary! God used this miraculous sign to get Moses' attention, but He also used it to teach him a life-long lesson: nothing is impossible for Him.

God does not want to be confined by our perspective of Him - He wants to speak to us in ways that expand our perspective of Him! He loves to challenge both our imagination and our intellect as He shares with us what He is capable of doing.

However God chooses to speak to us, His voice is life-giving. When He speaks, abundant life breaks out. Everywhere He speaks, He releases beauty, energy and vision. If you are currently experiencing a situation that seems impossible, why not ask God to speak to you afresh about it? Once He has spoken, nothing is impossible.