A Season of Preparation

Dear friends, in the aftermath of Thanksgiving I am aware of something very important: Christmas is nearly here! In the next two weeks many of our homes will undergo a festive transformation as we prepare to celebrate what is personally my favorite holiday of the year. It is a fun and exciting process where every aspect of life begins to take on a mood of celebration. We are anticipating the joy of Christmas: pleasures such as time spent with family and friends, eating great food and giving gifts. 

In my house, Christmas happens from the inside out. My practical preparations are a sign of preparation within: I am also preparing my heart to receive a fresh revelation of Jesus. I am furnishing a place where He can reside, and inviting Him to reveal Himself in new and wonderful ways.

I love to reflect on the excitement leading up to Jesus' birth: the journey of Mary and Joseph, the wise men gathering gifts, the stars themselves moving into alignment. This year I am anticipating the joy of our Heavenly Father revealing Himself on earth like never before. I believe each of us will experience renewal in our lives as we prepare our hearts with gratitude and allow this season to move us deeper into His presence.