It's Fire Season!

Recently I was speaking at a church I had never been to before. Although I had a message prepared, I had the feeling that Father God might have a different word for the evening. Walking with God is always an adventure much like bungee jumping. Although you know He has you securely tied to Himself, that step off the platform into thin air does take your breath away. Stepping up to the podium without a message, knowing the one on your ipad is not going to be delivered at this meeting can be equally scary. 

It is good that even Kathryn Kuhlman admitted to just talking until the Spirit came. So, I stood up, began talking, taking the leap into thin air. Very soon I was aware of the Presence of God. I was safe. Those invisible ropes were holding me close to the Father. As I spoke I realized it was rather like being on a stage with an ear piece and an unseen voice telling me what to say. I had to stay focused because the words coming out of my mouth were things I had never thought of. I wanted to stop and take notes but realized I was the speaker!

The topic was the Baptism of Fire. I have never preached or taught on the Fire. Since I had no notes and haven't listened to the cd of the meeting there isn't a lot I can share in this blog. It is enough to know that when I had finished and gave a call for people who wanted to receive the Baptism of Fire, almost everyone in the congregation came forward. The Fire of God is a good thing.

After the service, the pastor told me that the prophetic words and prayers of the intercessors before the service were all about Fire. I had another meeting prior to the evening service so had missed almost all of the worship. Apparently the theme of the worship that night had been Fire and Glory. The pastor's comment on the evening was "It's Fire Season!"