Wannabe Writers seminar

Wannabe Writers seminar with Faith Blatchford

You may be surprised at the number of people who desire, sometimes secretly, to write a book, an article, a blog, a song, a screenplay or a kid's story. As God's children, what could be more natural than to be like our Creator Father who is the best selling author of all time with His own book - the Bible!

Too often the sparks of God-given inspiration are extinguished by fear, criticism, self condemnation or merely an uncertainty about where to begin.  In this seminar Faith will help you discover and confront the blocks that have tried to prevent you from getting started, moving forward, or completing your project. You can expect to receive helpful insight and practical tools to help you nurture your God-given ideas and bring them to fruition.

Faith values every opportunity for transformation - not just information! All her seminars are interactive, creating space for reflection, ministry, and personal application.

If you are interested in hosting a Wannabe Writers seminar at your business, school or church, use this form to invite Faith.