Unlocking seminar


You will discover the myths and lies hindering your creativity and learn the truth about what a genius you really are, as well as how to cultivate and increase your creative capacity. There is no economic, gender or age restriction on creativity, and it is never too early or too late to get unlocked.

Whether you are a teacher, scientist, athlete, artist, actor, writer, musician, homemaker, minister, you will gain insight and freedom to function at your full creative potential through a deeper level of collaboration with your Heavenly Father, the greatest Creator of them all. The world is in desperate need of the wisdom, beauty and inspiration of Heaven to be displayed on earth through you.

Faith values every opportunity for transformation - not just information! All her seminars are interactive, creating space for reflection, ministry, and personal application.

If you are interested in hosting an Unlocking seminar at your business, school or church, use this form to invite Faith.

Endorsements for Unlocking...

John Lowry

As the host pastor of Wellspring Revival Center, as well as a participant in Faith Blatchford's Unlocking Inspiration Imagination Innovation Seminar, I found the material new, fresh, and an important seminar for believers.  It was extremely stimulating, and enlightening, causing us as participants to realize how trapped in a box we are without realizing it. At our church, the fruit of Faith's seminar was immediate. Following the seminar, two attendees were inspired to conduct an all day creativity workshop.  They plan to make it an ongoing event each year, as well as offering it to other churches and organizations!  I could not recommend Faith's seminar more highly. It would be meaningful for any group of people either inside or outside the Church!

John Lowry
Senior Leader, Wellspring Revival Center
Albany, Georgia

Stuart Gregg

Faith Blatchford's seminar on unlocking inspiration, imagination and innovation is a wonderful blend of revelation, truth and practical application to make imagination and creativity our duty and joy as children of a creative heavenly Father.  The seminar is truly memorable with a strong mix of media, teaching, activities and laughter. I was challenged and changed by Faith’s words. Since the seminar I have found myself generating more ideas and creative solutions to both Church and business challenges. It was truly life transforming. My advice is simple: book one as soon as you can!

Stuart Gregg, BSc (Hons), BTh (Hons, Oxon)
Dip Past. Leader, Buttershaw Baptist Church
Chair of Trustees, Buttershaw Christian Family Centre
Bradford, UK

This seminar is the perfect combination of research, new information, videos, practical explanation of your own creativity, and solutions to everyday problems inhibiting creativity, combined with laughter! It is inspirational, motivating and liberating. I started the training thinking I have very limited creativity, and left embracing my vast creativity with three projects, plans and deadlines.

Renee Potgieter, PhD
Consultant, Therapist, International Trainer

Testimonies from Unlocking...

Faith teaches extremely clearly and I feel her passion for this subject ignites faith and passion in others to think outside their box and be emboldened to step into new challenges with Father God.
— Lorraine
I have loved the day and have found it so exciting to have replaced lies with the truth and am expectant that God is going to use my creativity in my work and community.
— Barbara
I came with high hopes for what I would get from the day and these have been exceeded.
— Andy
Very “unlocking” and encouraging!! Great to feel empowered to release what God has already put in me.
— Kim
So encouraging and freeing knowing I can be so creative in so many ways.
— Judy
I think you are a smashing creative person, caring, and inspirational.
— Cate