Partnering with Holy Spirit seminar

Partnering with Holy Spirit

We have given too much attention to methods and to machinery and to resources, and too little to the Source of Power, the filling with the Holy Ghost. - J. Hudson Taylor

The Holy Spirit who lives in us is the administrator of the Kingdom, yet He has been the most neglected, maligned and misunderstood member of the Godhead: sometimes overlooked through lack of knowledge, sometimes quenched by fear, and sometimes grieved by our choices.

In this seminar you will learn who the Holy Spirit is in you, and how to allow Him to work through you in the same way He did with Jesus. You will learn etiquette for daily living with the Holy Spirit which is essential for a successful partnership with Him. He is the key for us to fulfill our assignment to bring heaven to earth!

Faith values every opportunity for transformation - not just information! All her seminars are interactive, creating space for reflection, ministry, and personal application.

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