Declarations seminar

Declarations seminar

We are all prophetic even though we are not all prophets. As God's children, we all have the authority and responsibility to speak God's words to the world around us.

In order to speak on behalf of our Father, we need to think like He thinks, see what He sees, and love as He does. This seminar will identify any lenses of judgment, offense, fear, guilt or hopelessness which may hinder your vision to see as He sees.

You will not only receive new lenses, but also learn practical ways to speak prophetic, encouraging words to yourself and to others. The world is waiting to hear the voice of the Father through you!

Faith values every opportunity for transformation - not just information! All her seminars are interactive, creating space for reflection, ministry, and personal application.

If you are interested in hosting a Declarations That Change The World seminar at your business, school or church, use this form to invite Faith.