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Introducing the Presence of God

Faith Blatchford is a passionate revivalist, who, through music, books, preaching, prophesying or just living life, centers her message around bringing people into the Presence of our loving God. This includes:

  • Connecting people to Father God as sons and daughters,
  • Equipping and empowering them with the Truth that every believer can bring Heaven to earth,
  • Bringing freedom from fear and any other hindrance to experiencing the goodness of God and His Kingdom,
  • Impartation & Activation


A Basket Full of Goodness

When Faith brings her message, whether through preaching, teaching, personal ministry or prophectic words,  her desire is to create an opportunity for a life-changing encounter with the Presence of God. She brings the hope and faith necessary for breaking free of fears and lies, that hold believers back from "getting out of the boat" and "walking on the water". Time and again, Father God has used Faith to deliver an impartation and activation into His supernatural reality. Be blessed in your journey into the Father's Heart!